WordPress Website Care Plans

Everything your website needs to be safe, secure and available.

Leave the complexities to us. Our comprehensive WordPress Website Care Plans encompass everything your website needs to thrive in the digital realm: robust security measures, seamless updates, and reliable hosting. We safeguard your online investment, ensuring your website remains safe, secure, and always accessible.

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What We Offer

Full-spectrum WordPress website care: security, updates, backups, performance optimization, and expert support for uninterrupted growth.

WordPress Updates

We do your WordPress updates so your site stays safe and bug free.

website plugin updates

Plugin Updates

We keep your plugins up to date to reduce security risks on your site.

secure website backups

Daily Website Backups

We complete daily website backups for you. Keeping your website restorable.

website firewall security

Website Firewall

Our firewall protects your site from malicious traffic intending harm.

website malware protection

Malware Protection

We safeguard your website with our robust malware protection.

website seo

Website Growth (SEO)*

Boost your online visibility with our SEO expertise. Get more leads/sales.

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$75 - site /month

50% off first month.

No stress website hostingFast speed for AustraliansDone-for-you migrationUnlimited Australian SupportUpdates, Backups & SecurityDedicated CPU, RAM & IP Address

Guard +


$115 - site /month

50% off first month.

Everything from GuardWebsite Malware ProtectionUnlimited Website Edits*

Guard Pro


$849 - site /month

Free initial consultation.

Everything from Guard & Guard+Priority Website SpeedRank faster on Google


Have a read through some of our WordPress website care plans FAQs or contact our support team for help.

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  • How frequently do you perform updates to WordPress and its plugins?

    We perform updates to WordPress and its plugins on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing health and security of your website. Typically, we conduct these updates weekly.

    This frequency allows us to stay current with the latest software releases and security patches, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities and ensuring your website runs smoothly.

    Our proactive approach to updates helps maintain the integrity and performance of your site while minimizing any potential disruption.

  • What exactly does your Website Care Plan service cover?

    Our Website Care Plan service is a comprehensive solution designed to ensure your WordPress website’s optimal performance, security, and reliability. Here’s what it covers:

    Plugin and Core Updates: We regularly update your WordPress core and plugins to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

    Full Site Backups: We perform regular backups of your entire website, ensuring your data is safe and can be restored if needed.

    Malware Protection: Our plans include robust malware protection to prevent and address security threats proactively.

    Uptime Monitoring: We constantly monitor your site’s uptime and respond promptly if any downtime occurs.

    Dedicated Hosting: Enjoy the benefits of dedicated hosting resources, including RAM, CPU, and IP addresses, for enhanced website performance.

    SEO Services: We offer SEO optimization to improve your site’s visibility and rankings in search engines.

    Expert Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have.

    Security Enhancements: We implement top-level security measures to protect your website from threats and vulnerabilities.

    Performance Optimization: We optimize your site for speed and reliability, ensuring a great user experience.

    Customization: Tailor your care plan to meet your specific website needs.

    With our Website Care Plan, you can focus on your business while we handle the technical aspects, providing you with peace of mind and a well-maintained online presence.

  • Can you explain the backup process in your care plans?

    Our backup process within our care plans is designed to safeguard your website’s data and content. Here’s how it works:

    Regular Backups: We perform automated, regular backups of your entire website, including all files, databases, and media. The frequency of these backups depends on your chosen care plan but is typically done daily or weekly.

    Off-Site Storage: All backup data is securely stored off-site, ensuring that your website can be restored even if the hosting server experiences issues.

    Incremental Backups: Our system employs incremental backups, which means that after the initial full backup, we only store changes made since the last backup. This method optimizes storage space while allowing for faster restoration.

    Easy Restoration: In the event of data loss or website issues, you can request a backup restoration. We’ll promptly retrieve the most recent backup and restore your website to its previous state.

    Testing Backups: To ensure the reliability of our backups, we periodically test the restoration process. This practice guarantees that your website can be recovered successfully when needed.

    Backup History: We maintain a history of backups, allowing you to choose a specific point in time to restore your website, giving you flexibility and control.

    Our backup process is an integral part of our care plans, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your website’s data is protected and easily recoverable in case of unexpected events or data loss.

  • How do you handle website security and what measures are in place?

    Website security is a top priority within our wordpress website care plans, and we employ a multi-layered approach to ensure your website remains safe and protected. Here’s how we handle website security and the measures we have in place:

    Regular Security Audits: We conduct routine security audits to identify vulnerabilities or potential threats to your website.

    Malware Scanning: Our system performs regular malware scans to detect and remove any malicious code or suspicious activities.

    Firewall Protection: We implement robust firewall protection to block unauthorized access and potential attacks on your website.

    Security Updates: We keep your WordPress core, themes, and plugins up to date with the latest security patches to minimise vulnerabilities.

    Secure Hosting: Our dedicated hosting includes security features like intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) to safeguard your site’s server environment.

    SSL Certificate: We ensure your website uses SSL encryption to protect data transfer between your site and visitors, enhancing security.

    Brute Force Protection: We employ measures to prevent brute force login attempts, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

    Regular Backups: As mentioned earlier, regular backups ensure that your website can be restored in case of a security breach.

    24/7 Monitoring: Our team continuously monitors your website for any security threats or unusual activities, allowing for rapid response to potential issues.

    Security Best Practices: We follow industry best practices and stay informed about the latest security trends to adapt and enhance our security measures accordingly.

    Our comprehensive security measures are designed to provide proactive protection for your website, mitigating risks and ensuring that your online presence remains secure and resilient against potential threats.

  • Is website downtime covered in the plan, and how quickly do you respond to issues?

    Yes, website downtime is indeed covered in our care plans, and we prioritise a swift response to any issues to minimise disruption to your online presence. Here’s how we handle website downtime:

    Uptime Monitoring: We continuously monitor your website’s uptime, checking it at regular intervals. This means that we are aware of any downtime issues as soon as they occur.

    Immediate Notifications: In the event of downtime, our monitoring systems alert our support team instantly. This allows us to respond promptly to investigate the cause.

    Rapid Issue Resolution: Once alerted, our dedicated support team works diligently to identify and address the root cause of the downtime issue. We aim for the fastest possible resolution.

    Proactive Measures: To prevent future downtime, we analyse the issue’s cause and implement proactive measures to minimise the risk of recurrence.

    Communication: Throughout the process, we keep you informed about the downtime issue and the steps we’re taking to resolve it. We believe in transparent and open communication.

    Our commitment is to ensure the highest level of uptime for your website. In the unlikely event of downtime, rest assured that our team is poised to respond swiftly and effectively to minimise any disruptions, keeping your online presence reliable and accessible.

  • Do you provide any performance optimization services?

    Absolutely, our care plans include performance optimisation services to ensure your website runs at its best. Here’s how we enhance website performance:

    Speed Optimisation: We implement strategies to improve your website’s loading times, ensuring a smoother user experience and better search engine rankings.

    Image Compression: Large image files can slow down your site. We optimise and compress images to reduce load times without sacrificing quality.

    Caching: We configure caching mechanisms to store frequently accessed data, reducing server load and speeding up content delivery.

    Content Delivery Network (CDN): We can integrate a CDN into your website to distribute content across multiple servers globally, further boosting load times.

    Browser Caching: We set up browser caching to store website data on visitors’ devices, reducing load times for returning users.

    Regular Testing: We conduct regular performance tests to identify areas that may need improvement and make necessary adjustments.

    Our performance optimisation services aim to provide your website’s visitors with a seamless and efficient browsing experience while positively impacting your search engine rankings. It’s all part of our commitment to help your website reach its full potential.

  • Are there any limitations or restrictions on the size or type of websites you support?

    We understand that websites come in various sizes and types, and our care plans are designed to accommodate a wide range of needs. We do not impose specific limitations or restrictions based on the size or type of websites we support.

    Whether you have a small business website, a blog, an e-commerce site, a portfolio, or any other type of website, our care plans are flexible and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

    Our goal is to provide comprehensive website maintenance and support services that cater to the unique needs of each client, ensuring that your website receives the attention it deserves, regardless of its size or type.

  • Is customer support available 24/7, and how can I reach your support team?

    Yes, we take pride in offering around-the-clock customer support to address your needs promptly. Here’s how you can reach our support team:

    1. 24/7 Ticketing System: You can submit support requests at any time using our ticketing system on our website. This method allows you to describe the issue in detail, and our team will respond as quickly as possible.
    2. Email Support: You can reach out to our support team via email, and we’ll reply to your inquiries within a short timeframe, ensuring you receive the assistance you need.
    3. Phone Support: We provide phone support during business hours, where you can speak directly with one of our support agents for immediate assistance and guidance.
    4. Live Chat: Our client portal has a live chat option available, allowing you to engage with an Australian support representative in real-time for quick queries or assistance.
    5. Knowledge Base: For common questions and issues, we maintain a comprehensive knowledge base on our website, where you can find helpful articles and resources.

    Our commitment is to provide you with reliable and accessible support, ensuring that you receive assistance whenever you require it, day or night. We understand the importance of addressing issues promptly to maintain the health and functionality of your website.

  • Are there any long-term commitments or can I cancel the service at any time?

    Our wordpress website care plans are designed to offer flexibility to our clients.

    There are no long-term commitments, and you have the freedom to cancel the service at any time. We believe in providing our clients with a hassle-free experience, and we’re here to support you as long as you find value in our services.

    Whether you decide to continue with our care plans for the long term or choose to cancel, you are in control of your subscription, and there are no locked-in contracts or obligations.

  • Can you explain the process of onboarding and getting started with a care plan?

    Certainly, the process of onboarding and getting started with our care plans is straightforward and designed for your convenience:

    Choose a Care Plan: Begin by selecting the care plan that best suits your website’s needs from our available options.

    Sign-Up: Once you’ve chosen a plan, complete the sign-up process on our website. This typically involves providing basic information and payment details.

    Welcome Email: After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email from our team. This email will include all the necessary information to access your care plan.

    Initial Assessment : Our team will conduct an initial assessment of your website to understand its current state, including its plugins, themes, and security measures.

    Migration & Configuration: We’ll move your site over to your dedicated hosting and configure your website to align with the care plan you’ve chosen. This includes setting up backups, security measures, and other essential components.

    Ongoing Monitoring: With your website now under our care, we’ll begin the process of regular monitoring, ensuring its security, performance, and uptime.

    Support Access: You’ll gain access to our support system, allowing you to reach out to us for assistance or questions whenever you need it.

    Regular Updates: We’ll start with your website’s routine updates, ensuring it remains current and secure.

    Communication: Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you informed about the status of your website and any actions taken.

    Enjoy Peace of Mind: With your website now in capable hands, you can focus on your business, knowing that your online presence is well-maintained and secure.

    Our onboarding process is designed to be hassle-free, allowing you to quickly get started with our care plans and experience the benefits of a well-maintained and protected website.


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